URBANER MB-333 Cordless Beard Trimmer Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Electric Razor for Men

●The URBANER MB-333 Professional trimmer has 5 speed configuration with 7 adjustable length to choose from. From 5-18mm, get the best setting for your desired length of trim.
●You can trim up in the shower if that's your style, plus, it's incredibly easy to clean.
●With 0.5mm gap to the skin offers full protection to avoid getting hurt. No snagging or pulling of the hair.
●Cordless, no wires to get in your way, you can just concentrate on making yourself beautiful. Rechargeable, up to 90 minutes of continuous use.
●MADE IN TAIWAN with Japanese renowned motor company Mabuchi for reliable quality. We are not another cheap product from China.
奧本電剪 Quickly repair hair, use while taking a bath, easy to clean
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      URBANER MB-333 Cordless Beard Trimmer Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Electric Razor for Men

      This professional men's hair and body hair clipper specially designed for people looking for the perfect groom. With seven different adjustable settings for desired length of cut, this rechargeable groomer offers a professional trim for hair, legs, armpits, chest, and beard.

      This fully washable trimmer is equipped with a top of the line stainless steel blade and super high efficiency Mabuchi motor, the MB-333 body trimmer offers an exceptional groom while putting you at ease with great sensation. A full precision water resistance design makes maintaining and cleaning this hair trimmer hassle-free and convenient. It works effortlessly with a cord or without cord.

      When it's used cordlessly, the long-lasting rechargeable battery is good for up to 100 minutes of continuous use. This professional use trimmer is all you need to give yourself a clean and comfortable groom with maximum satisfaction.

      The kits comes complete with two snap-on hair comb guides for wonderful crew cuts.

      1 X Clipper
      1 X Charger
      2 X Comb Attachments
      1 X Cleaning Brush
      1 X Maintenance Oil
      1 X Instruction Manual
      Please email us with any concerns before ordering or after.

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