URBANER MB-062 Eyebrow Trimmer for Men Eyebrow Trimmer Kit with Adjustable Length Combs Battery-Operated, Waterproof-copy

●The MB-062 eyebrow trimmer shaves beards, sideburns, eyebrows helping you keep a fresh clean face.
●You can trim up in the shower if that's your style, plus, it's waterproof and incredibly easy to clean.
●Compact and cordless, fits right in the palm of your hand. Use it anywhere you go. Replaceable AA battery that you can buy anywhere in the world. The trimmer ideal for traveling.
●MADE IN TAIWAN with Japanese renowned motor company Mabuchi for reliable quality. We are not another cheap product from China.
奧本電剪 Taste is the persistence of not letting go of the details
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    1 X Trimmer
    2 X Comb Attachments
    1 X Cleaning Brush