URBANER MB-033 Dog Clippers Pet Grooming Tools, Pet Trimmer, Professional Cordless Rechargeable

●SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS - 4 level different spacing combs,you can easily decide the length of hair you are going to leave without the aid of comb. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs, cats or other loved pets.
●SAFE : The MB-033 Electric Clipper utilizes ceramic blade, excellent heat dissipation of up to 70%. With 0.5mm gap to the skin offers full protection to avoid getting hurt. No snagging or pulling of the fur.
●CONVENIENT : You can use the Pet Grooming Clipper in two ways - with cord or cordless. With the cordless design, you can use it easily and conveniently, without the interruption of cumbersome wires. If you need to use the clipper urgently, and it has been out of power, you can plug and use it immediately. The design gives users more choice and convenience.
●MADE IN TAIWAN with Japanese renowned motor company Mabuchi for reliable quality. We are not another cheap product from China.
奧本電剪 Classic partial trimming/belly/butt/foot hair
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MB-033H 奧本寵物替換刀頭_ 經典款陶瓷刀頭 (MB-033適用)
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奧本電剪 USB充電器(5V/1A)(適用-343,011,021,023,033,133,333)
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URBANER MB-033 Dog Clippers Pet Grooming Tools, Pet Trimmer, Professional Cordless Rechargeable

This classic electric clipper was custom designed to trim the most delicate parts of your pet. It is a simple and very easy to use clipper that is ready to use on the pet's sensitive areas.

Whether it's the hair between the paws, on the ears or body, the MB-033 is the perfect clipper for a beautiful groom. With a specially design ceramic blade geometry (double vertical cuts combined with a rotary cut), the safety of your pet is assured while protecting your pet from pulls or cuts.

It works effortlessly with or without the cord. When it's used cordlessly, the long-lasting rechargeable battery is good for up to two hours of continuous use.

The kit comes complete with two attachable hair comb guides for different (3mm, 6mm, 9mm,12mm) desired length of cut.

The MB-033 is all you need to give your pet the ultimate trim with ease.

1 X Clipper
1 X Cleaning Brush
3 X Comb Attachments
1 X Charger
1 X Oil
1 X Instruction Manual